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MamaBuck's Love Shack

Founded on love and hippy vibes. If you believe in being kind to one another and following your passions, a custom MamaBuck creation is the perfect piece to accompany you on your journey.
My journey started early from going to Broadway musicals as a child to Woodstock as a flower child. Music and art feed my soul to this day. Lived on a commune, slept in Central Park, traveled with a band and sang at the Sahara in Vegas to a Jazz Festival in Telluride, Co., and everything in between.
Hippy life is being in the moment and loving your people and surviving the slings and arrows of this mad world and coming out the other side with a loving heart. If you’ve read this far thank you!
Each one of my creations are handmade customized and like you, unique. Whatever your journey, I wish you peace, love and hippy happiness!